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Trowel and Soil

PLANT + GARDEN CONSULTATION                  $150

Book a one-on-one with J. Adkins!                               1 Hour


Let's talk all things plant + gardening! Did you know certain plants should not go next to each other, where as other plants side by side can double their harvest? Did you know in 1 sq. ft. you can plant 1 pepper plant or 16 garlic plants? Plant health and identification, garden esthetics, tips and tricks... we have more than enough wisdom to share with you if you want it! We have tried and true methods of ensuring optimal planting, spacing, design, and an overall ideal environment for your garden elements to thrive in and look beautiful. 


Book a consultation today!

BONUS: Get 10% off your next plant order after your consultation, plus a free plant or seed pack gift from J!


Get a FREE estimate!


If only you could snap your fingers and a flourishing garden would magically appear in your yard, right? Well, what if we told you we can make that happen? Book a Garden Design + Installation estimate for FREE, where we discuss your dream garden, desired plants, budget and more. From there, we will craft a plan and general timeframe to make your garden dreams come true. From building raised beds to mixing custom soil blends, ending with popping each plant in its idea spot and empowering you with watering, fertilizing and care instructions, you'll finally have the dream garden you've always hoped for!

We'll discuss:

  • Garden location

  • Garden size + layout

  • Garden design + materials

  • Project Costs + Timeline

  • Desired Plants

  • Garden Environment 

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